Editing packages and fees

TERMS: Invoice one-third upon start of project; remainder due upon completion with invoice, 30 days. Check or bank draft preferred; PayPal/credit card/Venmo information sent with the invoice. I will work with you regarding payments for larger projects.

I edit according to the most up to date Chicago Manual of Style, Christian Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and other guides. You are always welcome to explain personal usage in your manuscript. I will follow your chosen style even if I don't agree with it, as long as you understand that any fallout is your responsibility if you choose not to use standardized or currently accepted styles.

About my Schedule: I wish I could help everyone NOW, the moment you ask for help, but I can't always do that. My wait list is usually not much more than a couple of weeks to a month for shorter projects.

PLEASE NOTE: It is in your best interest NOT TO RUSH the process. Especially if you are self-publishing your piece, you want it to go to press without errors. It's always better to have more than one person proofread, especially if you make revisions before your final upload to the publisher. At least a week in between revisions for two or more proof reads is highly recommended. Reading every word out loud is your best method of proofreading.

Yes, I am able to help you with your fiction and non-fiction, including memoirs and academic papers, self-help, children, YA, Bible studies, work books, submission packets, and nearly anything else. I am American and speak American English, but I have some experience with punctuation and grammar in different versions of English in other parts of the world, and some experience with English as a second language writers. Please let me know how you want to edit when you connect with me.

If you are unsure what editing service you require, you may contact me and ask more questions. I may ask you to send up to three pages for a sample edit at no charge, and you can then decide what meets your need. I will always try to work with you. I also must set a minimum fee per project, which can vary according to your work and your situation. 

Professional manuscript review with comments (does not include full critique or edit, notes only) – up to 80,000 words - $275  (Contact me for longer pieces.)

Submission packet review and critique (not a full line edit) - query/cover letter, synopsis, first chapter - up to 25 pages - $50

Proofread/light copy edit  - $2.00 per full typed, double-spaced page (300 words) NOTE: this would not usually be considered a final proofread before uploading to a publishing program unless we discuss this before work begins. If I begin a light copy edit and find that more than occasional punctuation/spelling edits are necessary, I will discuss this with you. If your word count changes by more than 10% the final fee will reflect this change. This package means I may go through your manuscript twice with you, if you need it; once for the edit, and one more time after you make the changes you want from my tracked changes.

A minimum base fee for short but full-length projects such as chap books or children's, or academic papers will be set upon discussion; usually $25 for complete short works, but this fee is negotiable according to project.

I also consider trading in kind for shared publicity, book reviews and interviews.

Full line/Developmental edit - $3.00 per full typed, double-spaced page (300 words)
This service will use the track changes features for which I will make an original save, return to you for up to two more rounds of revisions and questions. If there are many word choice/content changes, you will be asked to complete those changes before I do a final proofread. Please allow two weeks for the first full edit and a week for the proofreads, after I start the work, unless I tell you otherwise. You are still responsible to check your piece over before your final submission for publication. The best thing you can do is to read your entire manuscript out loud. The next best thing is to order physical proof copies and read them and hand them out. If your word count changes by more than 10% the final invoice will reflect this change.

Recommended Cover/Interior Layout and Book Designer, Print materials: 

Loralee Arcand-Olsen Word Services Unlimited
Other Recommended publishing help: Christine Keleny of CK Publishing Services
Recommended voice over artist: Barry Wightman

Publishing Preparation Package $300 up to 300 pp; $450 for longer work; for work with many images, $1 each to correctly size and set in. You must supply licensing information on each image. Format for print and/or e-book (doc OR e-pub format) (simple books with text or few pictures - for picture books, please try Word Services Unlimited, above), advice on publishing platform and cover, advice on getting a Library of Congress Control number, key words, and back cover blurb, and tweak the ms if errors are noted from the publisher program. Talk to me about preparing your work for audio file. While I can help provide a cover template from the chosen publisher to the cover artist. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE COVER ART 

I cannot upload your manuscript for you so you must be able to do that on your own or have your own help. I cannot guarantee your templates you bring to me will work in your chosen publisher's platform. For publishing help, see the Fox Ridge Publications page.

Please be aware that currently all publishing platforms will require you to provide sensitive information including social security number and banking information. That is not a personal requirement for my services--it is information you must provide be able to provide to a publisher. I recommend that all authors who choose to give access to financial information create and use a separate and secure bank account and keep only minimal amounts of cash in it.