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"Let us hold unswervingly to our faith, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

Lisa Lickel is an author and editor who lives in the rolling hills of western Wisconsin. A multi-published, award-winning novelist, she also writes short stories, feature articles, and radio theater.

I'll be back editing Creative Wisconsin Magazine for Wisconsin Writers Association this year.

The WWA Jade Ring Contest opens March 1 - find out more here.

I am very excited to take on the challenging role of Book Coach at Novel-In-Progress Book camp this year. Find out more about this wonder ful full-week immersion program here.


After UnderStory comes

Lily Masters wants to be normal, not for the first time in her life, but for the first time for all the right reasons. Born with a defect which caused a lifetime of embarrassment and without support of a loving family, Lily grew up hiding herself, believing she could never be attractive to a potential mate. With Cameron Taylor’s love, devotion, and vow to protect her and her nephew, ten-year-old Kenny, Lily feels loved. Although Cam, biracial and struggling to overcome a life of disparity, says he doesn’t care about her deformity, she wants to present herself to him as a loving wife with a healed body. After terrorists from their past enact their revenge during Lily’s surgery, she and Cam must come to grips with what it truly means to honor and cherish until death parts them.

Now available.

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