Editing and Publishing

Editing and Publishing

Congratulations on finishing your book!
Are you ready for an editor?
Here’s a checklist:
  •         My manuscript is complete. (Unless you want a mentoring package or an evaluation on some portion)
  •         My manuscript is in Standard Manuscript Format, in one document. Times New Roman  please. 1 inch margins all around, double spaced, paragraphs indented and no space between.
  •         Someone else besides me and a close relative has read it.
  •         I have read the entire work out loud.
  •         I have proofread the manuscript to the best of my abilities.
  •         I know what my genre and sub-genre it is.
  •         I can tell someone what my book is about in three sentences.
  •         I know my word count.
  •         My title isn’t overly used by another author.
  •         I am waiting for the final edit and page count before completing a cover.
  •         If self-publishing, I have researched publishing platforms (see the tips link below).
  •         If submitting to a publisher or agent, I have researched my target submissions goals and know their guidelines.
  • I understand that editing and asking my editor for help formatting and uploading the manuscript for publication are different services.
  • I know and understand and accept that every editor has a different style and will not often agree with each other. I accept that if I hire Lisa Lickel, she will work with me, offer suggestions and advice and give me the best punctuation, grammar and style advice of her ability, but that I am still free to choose how to finish my manuscript, and will not hold her responsible for any fallout, backlash, or negative commentary or actions that result from my choices or hers.
  • I accept and understand that the final version of the manuscript is still my responsibility to check for any errors.
  • I understand that plagiarism and theft by quotations of another's work, including any song lyrics, are not acceptable and must be credited and, if necessary, have written permission from the owner of the original work or copyright holder, and have proof of any fees paid to use such work in my manuscript. Lisa will not work with any author who does not gather such permission. Articles on fair use and tips where to find permission are on the resource page. See Tips and Resources page for grammar and plagiarism checkers, and info on getting permissions.
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type of work, length, 

what it's about
whether it's your first work, 
if you plan to self-publish OR seek an agent/traditionally publish, and 
who else has read your work.



Please visit the Writer's Resource Articles page.
I've picked out several articles for you on punctuation, grammar, how to work with editors, how to find permissions, copyright information, and how to find your genre.

I recommend the following folks. Please note: always check first for availability and prices, and get written statements when possible.

Loralee Olson-Arcand Word Services Unlimited - proofreading, design, help with local publishing

Paul Ruane, cover designer, contact Paul
Paul has done cover art for JoAnn Fastoff's You Play Like a Girl, and The Avaricious, as well as
Wisconsin Writers Association books, including Gravedigger's Daughter

For cover art and illustration design, connect with
Reema Kaur
"I do children's books, adult covers and comic illustrations. I can also adapt to different visual styles like realistic, semi-realistic and cartoon. Please feel free to review my portfolio at: http://www.attraentedesign.com/
"I charge $200 per front cover design and $250 for back/front cover. I require 50% advance through Paypal and I take 2-3 days to complete the cover design (First draft)" **This info may be out of date.

Christine Keleny - help with publishing, covers
CK Books Publishing
PO Box 214
New Glarus, WI 53574

Barry Wightman, general editing, proofreading, voiceover acting
Elm Grove, WI

Public Relations, Promotion, marketing, marketing tours, review services:

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Award Winners

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Authors who have gotten standard publishing contracts or agents

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Samples of Edited Projects:

The Five Brothers by The Five Brothers LLC
November 2020

Andy Beal
October, 2020

Gamble on Fate by Robin Densmore Fuson
May 2018

Walking Healed by Shelley Wilburn
book and work study book 
January 2016

Penny the Pibble by Caroline Marino

November, 2015
Penny was a scared, tired, and hungry dog when someone from an animal shelter found her in the city park. She was one of the lucky ones and was placed with a loving and devoted rescue group. But that is just the beginning of her story. 

Dancing On The Dumpster

The poignant biography and self-help story of a former Amish woman and her path to
emotional healing and recovery.
November 2014

Repped! by Andy Beal, February 2014

CEO, Trackur.com

Ready, Fire, Aim! by Paul Ely, January 2014, memoir