Editing agreement

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Editing Service Agreement for editorial clients of Lisa Lickel 

For the services of Editing, the following shall apply Between Editor and Client:

1. Client understands and agrees to the fees, including down payment of one-third of offered total payment by editor, and will pay the fees in a timely manner as stated on the invoice received from the Editor at time of scheduling the service. If Client chooses to have the work second-guessed by another professional and refuses the final payment, Editor will retain a copy of the work. Clients understands and accept that every editor has a different style and will not often agree with each other. Client accepts that Editor will work with, offer suggestions and advice and give Client the best punctuation, grammar and style advice of Editor's ability according to the latest style manuals and dictionaries. Client is free to choose how to finish the manuscript, and will not hold Editor responsible for any fallout, backlash, or negative commentary or actions that result from Client's choices. Client understands that plagiarism and theft by long quotations of another's work are not acceptable and must be credited, and if necessary, have written permission from the owner of the original work or copyright holder, and have proof of any fees paid to use such work in my manuscript. Editor will not work with any author who does not gather such permission and Editor is not responsible for gathering such permission or paying fees.

2. Client understands and acknowledges that projected dates of editorial service are flexible and rely in large part on the Client giving material or returning material to the Editor in a timely manner. The Editor is not responsible for Internet/electronic or postal service disruption, difficulty using a computer or word processing program, employment or volunteer duty, health, weather, family issues, acts of God, or any other causes which may delay editorial service from either party. Client understands and accepts that the final version of the manuscript is still Client's responsibility to check for any errors.

3. If the Editor cannot complete the agreed-upon work, fees will be returned. Client agrees not to hold editor responsible. If the Client cannot turn in or return materials and chooses not to pursue editorial services after down payment and initial edit is complete, the down payment is forfeit and Client agrees not to pursue return of down payment or hold Editor responsible for the work. If, upon completion of the project and the Client has looked over the work and paid for it, the job is complete and there is no refund. 

4. Client understands that he or she is responsible for providing and working with the Editor in a computer word-processing program and must be able to provide content and revisions electronically. Editor is not responsible for computer ability or teaching computer skills or email or Internet problems hindering the work.

5. Client understands that Editing is a different and separate service from Publishing. Editing service works with the manuscript only and Editor is not responsible for purchased or submitted manuscript template issues, or help with preparation and/or uploading manuscript to chosen publishing platform.

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