Fox Ridge Publications

Fox Ridge Publications is a dynamic, boutique, fee-based publishing coaching service based on client needs. While general services and package fees are listed below, please use them as guidelines and connect with me directly (click here) for your individual requirements. Fox Ridge Publications coaches writers through the publication process and prefers first and foremost to enable writers to control their own work and publishing platform accounts.

Please be aware that currently all publishing platforms will require you to provide sensitive information including social security number and banking information. That is not a personal requirement for my services--it is information you must be able to provide to a publisher/printer. I recommend that all authors who choose to give access to financial information create and use a separate and secure bank account and keep only minimal amounts of cash in it. If you want my help uploading your material to one of these publisher/printer platforms, please note that you are allowing another person access to this information, and while I will never copy or record or even look at it if possible, I cannot be responsible should a third party hack it.

Please check the Self-publishers information on my Editing Services Page.

Fox Ridge Publications is a helping arm to writers -- everyday people -- who want to publish a book but don’t know how, or do not have or want to take the time to learn. Please note that the following information assumes you understand some basic things about writing and publishing. Other more detailed information is on my Editing Services Page.

Fox Ridge Publications is a fee-based boutique service. You pick the service you are interested in, contact me, and I or I and my team will work with you. Fees will be noted up front. I typically require a down payment.

What I offer in separate packages

Writing and Coaching Writers
Write for hire projects – I can accept on a limited basis work for hire, such as biographies and memoirs, compilations. These are complete works considered on an individual basis and fees will be based on the time and research, travel and so forth needed.

Help writing back cover copy, front teasers, biographies, acknowledgements - Hourly rates apply.

Editing Services – please refer to my editing business for rates

Mentoring/Coaching – please refer to my editing business for rates

Copyright language – if you only need appropriate copyright language, I can supply a standard format you can copy and paste, as well as additional supporting material such as Scripture references. But if you need to find copyrights for material such as quoted passages, song lyrics or poems, I can help you find the source, but you are responsible to request and pay any fees to the original copyright holders. Without such permission you are in violation of international copyright laws and subject to penalty. I will not help any author commit theft of intellectual property. Many copyright holders such as musicians and poets are happy to provide you with permission. Some may require small fees. Please respect the work of all artists. Hourly rates apply.

Publishing and Coaching DIY Publishers
  • Manuscript interior design and format for PRINT, according to your wishes within reason, based on available sizes from Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, or another platform of your choice, such as Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble Nook, Smashwords or Lulu (NOTE: CHOOSE ONE PUBLISHER/PRINTER PLATFORM--THEY ARE NOT-NOT-NOT- interchangeable or or should be used to publish the same book on different platforms.).
This service does not include editing; however, if I find errors, I will let you know, and will correct a few minor problems. For manuscripts 100 pp or less in final format: $250; 200-300 pp: $400
The service includes table of content, simple chapter headings and page header/footer in standard layout. For other designs, please request a quote. For pictures, please contact me. You must be able to provide scanned high-quality jpgs.

ISBNs ***CHANGE in 2020: I no longer provide ISBNs
Please note that ISBNs are needed for each separate version of your final book, including ebook, paperback, hardcover, audio book. Many publisher/printers provide one for you when you go through the uploading process. These ISBNs are registered to and by the Publishing Platform (such as Ingram or Amazon) and cannot be used to republish a book under a new title, another author name, or on another platform. If you want to purchase your own ISBN, you must do so through Bowker.
  • Library of Congress Catalog Number for print books 
There is no fee for the number, but I charge $10 to procure one for you. You may request a number under your own private imprint which I will apply for you. Please Note: Should you request and receive a Library of Congress Control Number, you are responsible to either send yourself or pay an extra fee to have me send a print copy of your book to the Library of Congress.
  • Ebook manuscript conversions – in process for ePub and PDF. Please contact me for a quote. No extra charge for a pdf file if paying for a print manuscript format. For pdf files for Kindle or Nook layouts, there will be a fee if the file to upload needs different or extra formatting (eg, removal of header/footers and setting up a clickable table of contents or footnotes).
  • Please contact a professional designer for covers and complicated interiors. The publishing/print platforms above all offer standard interior designs, and are beginning to offer dual sides interior covers.
I recommend the following:
Loralee Olson-Arcand - Word Services Unlimited - proofreading, design, help with local publishing

Help uploading your manuscript(s) to printer of your choice
Lightning Source, Ingram-Spark or KDP (Amazon), Barnes and Noble Nook Press or Smashwords (Ebook only)

EITHER I offer guidance to walk you through the upload process (requires a bank account and password access from you which I do not want access to) for a fee OR Fox Ridge Publications acts as your publisher (see below). If we try to walk through the process and you do not feel comfortable, we will discuss other arrangements. Nonrefundable hourly rates apply.

Upload fees charged by each company are  in addition to the fee requested for step by step instructions. Upload fees (may change without notice, please check first): 
  • Lightning Source - (subject to change) $75 to upload a print manuscript, plus ISBN must be provided; $75 to upload an eBook file, plus ISBN must be provided. 
  • Ingram-Spark - as iof mid-2023 has waived upload fees for print and ebook files, plus ISBN must be provided or assigned.
Lightning Source and Ingram-Spark are also distributors that make your work available on numerous online sales outlets. They will place your book for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and other sites. They will put in the Walmart and Target webstore catalog, but NOT IN THOSE PHYSICAL STORES. You may opt to pay a one-time fee to be included in their product catalog, and/or an annual fee for marketing purposes which you may opt in for at the time of uploading ($12 per year). 

Hourly rates apply for the following.
  • Templates or a press release for your project which you may use to send to local media. For an extra fee I can research those addresses for you, but you are responsible to send the release.
  • I can help devise ten tweets for your project.
  • I can help or provide direction for back cover copy, bookmark copy, one sheet copy.
  • I can direct you to outlets where you can purchase or design bookmarks and postcards for your project on your own.
  • I can help put together a sales packet for you to deliver to local outlets and libraries.
  • I can help you put together information sheets and sample interview material you can use for blog tours and other interviews.
The above services will be available for purchase on an hourly basis, with a minimum of $25.

Published Books

Summer 2018

Young adult Bible Adventure by RJ Peck

The Lion's Den (Relics of Power Book 1)The Lion's Den is book one in a series of Bible Adventure stories for young adult. Twelve-year-old Christopher Cyprus has inherited the Legacy from his grandfather. Now it is his turn to become God's Secret Agent, time-traveling to help God's people when they get into a jam. His first assignment? Help Daniel the Prophet survive the night in the Lion's Den. And rescue Grandpa Jack on his final mission.

The Sacrifice of Isaac (Relics of Power Book 2)

Christopher Cyprus, aged twelve, has stepped into his grandfather's shoes as God's Secret Agent and Legacy Holder. It's a ministry going back thousands of years to help God's people who get into jams. Chris has been called on his first solo mission. God wants him to help Isaac. But how? Come with Chris on his time traveling mission to help Isaac survive Abraham's sacrifice.

       The Walls of Jericho: Relics of power Paperback

The Walls of Jericho
Christopher Cyprus, aged twelve, has stepped into his grandfather's shoes as God's Secret Agent and Legacy Holder. When Chris is sent back in time to help Rahab and the Spies, he learns he must fight the forces of evil as well as the king of Jericho’s soldiers. Chris must rely on the Whole of Armor of God and a scarlet cord to fulfill his mission.

The Plagues: Relics of Power series Paperback       
Christopher Cyprus, aged twelve, has stepped into his grandfather's shoes as God's Secret Agent and Legacy Holder. The Lord calls Chris to help during the time of the Hebrew’s deliverance from Pharaoh. But the portal slams mysteriously shut when he arrives in Egypt. He and his new friends must solve the Pharaoh’s Enigma or risk losing the power of God’s special relics, including Moses’s staff and the portal.