Editing and Publishing

Editing and Publishing

Congratulations on finishing your book.
Are you ready for an editor?
Here’s a checklist:
  •         My manuscript is complete. (Unless you want a mentoring package or an evaluation on some portion)
  •         My manuscript is in Standard Manuscript Format, in one document.
  •         Someone else besides me and a close relative has read it.
  •         I have read the entire work out loud.
  •         I have proofread the manuscript to the best of my abilities.
  •         I know what my genre and sub-genre it is.
  •         I can tell someone what my book is about in three sentences.
  •         I know my word count.
  •         My title isn’t overly used by another author.
  •         I am waiting for the final edit and page count before completing a cover.
  •         If self-publishing, I have researched publishing platforms (see the tips link below).
  •         If submitting to a publisher or agent, I have researched my target submissions goals and know their guidelines.
  • I understand that editing and asking my editor for help formatting and uploading the manuscript for publication are different services.
  • I know and understand and accept that every editor has a different style and will not often agree with each other. I accept that if I hire Lisa Lickel, she will work with me, offer suggestions and advice and give me the best punctuation, grammar and style advice of her ability, but that I am still free to choose how to finish my manuscript, and will not hold her responsible for any fallout, backlash, or negative commentary or actions that result from my choices.
  • I accept and understand that the final version of the manuscript is still my responsibility to check for any errors.
  • I understand that plagiarism and theft by long quotations of another's work are not acceptable and must be credited and, if necessary, have written permission from the owner of the original work or copyright holder, and have proof of any fees paid to use such work in my manuscript. Lisa will not work with any author who does not gather such permission. Articles on fair use and tips where to find permission are below.

Self-Publishing Authors – WAIT! Click here for tips.

Two great resources will help you regarding appropriate grammar/punctuation, and what Industry Standard means for manuscript preparation:

Save a life! Learn how to use commas correctly. Please. For the love of writing. Read this article from Grammarly often. I'm serious.

Industry Standard manuscript format rules

Here's a great article I recommend you read about editing and editing services in general: 

And one about author/editor relationships:

This article explains using and finding permission for using song lyrics in your work: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2015/03/how-to-use-lyrics-without-paying-a-fortune-or-a-lawyer/

This article talks about copyright infringement and fair use: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2010/02/what-every-writer-ought-to-know-about-fair-use-and-copyright/ This article is the latest on record from the US Copyright Office.: http://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/

Having trouble finding your audience or figuring out your genre? Use this list from BISAC for help.

This article talks about Publisher's Cataloging-in-Publication information - the cataloging vocabulary often found on publisher's pages. In the article are other links. http://authormaps.com/does-my-book-need-pcip/

Your Copyright: Information in general on copyright found here: US Copyright Office. Registering your own copyright is up to you. It is not necessary unless you think you might be involved in litigation at some point, or you simply want your material on public record and to have a physical certificate. You can register online for considerable less expense than paper forms. Registration can be found here - online, or the paper form for literary material and current fees. Paying someone else to do this for you should be done at your own risk. 

Editing Fees and Packages available - click here.
Sample editing agreement you will be asked to sign - click here.

Fox Ridge Publications information - click here

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type of work, length, 
what it's about
whether it's your first work, 
if you plan to self-publish OR seek an agent/traditionally publish, and 
who else has read your work.


I also believe in networking and recommend the following folks:
For publishing help, contact

Loralee Olson-Arcand Word Services Unlimited - proofreading, design, help with local publishing

Rodney Schroeter - help with publishing

Sidney W. Frost - Author Page - help with proofreading (e-mail)

For cover art, contact
Lisa Hainline

Christine Keleny
CK Books Publishing
PO Box 214
New Glarus, WI

References for Lisa Lickel:

If it wasn’t for Lisa Lickel my first book wouldn’t be published. She took my copy-and-paste manuscript and turned it into a beautiful piece of work. More than that, she was always available and answered my emails and questions promptly. She taught me a great deal about the writing and publishing world. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a good editor and mentor. I will definitely have Lisa edit my future works.

Shelley Wilburn, Author, Walking Healed

Lisa Lickel (editing) is a skillful editor with a eye for detail. She helped me polish up my manuscript by pinpointing flaws and making suggestions that transformed my manuscript into more of a quality inspirational book. I highly recommend her services.

Paulette Harper Johnson, Author
Paulette Harper Johnson
Best selling, award winning
author of That Was Then, This Is Now
Completely Whole, Aug 2010
Victorious Living for Moms, May 2011
For Such a Time as This, 2011


I highly recommend Lisa Lickel for editing. She edited our book, The Forgiveness Formula, that had many formatting issues to correct and did it beautifully. She is professional, responds quickly and finished our project promptly. I am very pleased with her work and am so thankful for all she did to prepare our book for publication. I recommend that you contact her today about your project!

Shelley Hitz, author and owner of

This review wouldn't have been possible without Lisa Lickel's editing:

The writing -- It is a good writer who can put you in his characters shoes so that you feel their experiences! The action kept going. Secondary characters received adequate development so that you felt you knew them as well, and maybe even understood them in a way. I didn't feel the story line ever went flat and the editing was excellent. You pulled for the good guys and wanted to put the bad guys away! A nice ending leaves you wondering if there is one more coming.
Sid Frost, Christian Book Mobile, author of Loves Lives On

Very rarely do you meet a professional who goes above and beyond to offer their hard earned wisdom. This wisdom is priceless because it’s only found through experience which most of us who are new to the writing world lack. Lisa went above and beyond to answer my questions and guide me. Her skills of taking my screwed up way of speaking and turning it into something that a reader would enjoy is amazing! She asked me questions that any reader would have asked which allows my book to flow without leaving the reader wondering what I mean. I would recommend Lisa to anyone! She is affordable and gives you priceless information that you could never pay her back for in paper bills. She has a sweet heart and spirit and at the same time she will tell you the truth. Her editing abilities is a ministry to the rest of us! 

Samples of Edited Projects:

Penny the Pibble by Caroline Marino
November, 2015
Penny was a scared, tired, and hungry dog when someone from an animal shelter found her in the city park. She was one of the lucky ones and was placed with a loving and devoted rescue group. But that is just the beginning of her story. 

Dancing On The Dumpster

The poignant biography and self-help story of a former Amish woman and her path to
emotional healing and recovery.
November 2014

Repped! by Andy Beal, February 2014
CEO, Trackur.com

Ready, Fire, Aim! by Paul Ely, January 2014, memoir

Sid Frost, The Vengeance Squad Goes to England

Keeper of Reign, Fantasy, by Emma Right, November 2013

Award Winners:

Indie Excellence 2013, category death & dying
A Journey to Heaven: A Daughter's Short Life Gives a Family Lessons in Love and Miracles
Tammy Brodowski Mott
Carolinas Ecumenical Healing Ministries


Finalist in the "Fiction: Visionary" category of the 2013 International Book Awards for SEVENTH DIMENSION: THE DOOR by Lorilyn Roberts; also a finalist in the 2013 Grace Awards; and a finalist in the 2013 SELAH Awards for Christian books.

Pre-teen and Juvenile fiction for the Beverley Hills Book Awards, March 2014
Keeper of Reign  Emma Right.

Dead Dreams by Emma Right

Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the book, The King, by Lorilyn Roberts,
has been selected to receive the Literary Classics Seal of Approval, September 2014. The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the rigorous criteria set forth by the Literary Classics review committee, a team comprised of individuals with backgrounds in publishing, editing, writing, illustration and graphic design.

The King was also a finalist in the 2014 USA BEST BOOKS awards From USA Book News. 
November 2014
May 2015 - The King won the Spirituality category award in the Indie Excellence Book Awards

Lorilyn Roberts' The Castle won for Faith Based Young Adult in The Literary Classics 2015 awards.