Human Organ trafficking

 About Human Trafficking and Organ Donation

 The story is fiction, but the facts are real. There aren’t enough replacement organs available for those who face life-threatening crises. Signing your name on your driver’s license indicating you wish to donate your organs is a good start. To actively participate in the National Donor Registry, you have to sign up. These sites provide more information.

Use legitimate sites, always do your research, don’t give money if you’re not absolutely sure you’re giving to the organization you intend to receive your gift.

From the US government’s Health Services and Resource Administration portal:

·         National Donate Life Registry:

·         LifeSource, a regional registry:

·         American Association of Tissue Banks:

·         Kidney Fund,

·         Restore Sight,

Because human organs are in high demand and in limited supply, there is a huge black market. Here are some articles to check out:

·         Futurism, Black Market Bodies: How Legalizing the Sale of Human Organs Could Save Lives, by Kristin Houser, November 6, 2017

A controversial, decades-long experiment has had thought-provoking results.

·         Acams Today, Organ Trafficking, the unseen form of human trafficking by Christina Bain, Joseph Mari, June 26, 2018

·         World Health Organization, bulletin: Organ trafficking and transplantation pose new challenges by Clare Nullis-Kapp, Cape Town, 2004

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