Readers Discussion Guide for UnderCut

 Reading Group Guide 

Discussion Questions from the book

1. Each of the main characters in UnderCut had to reach deep to show their true character. Who had the most to lose? Who had the most to gain? Did Lily end up with what she most needed and wanted? How about Cam?

2. Had you known of the black market for human organs? Have you made any decision about donating after reading this book?

3. Consider the composition of your family. Who do you call family and why?

4. Think about Lily’s family and Cam’s family. What were similar and opposing aspects to how they were raised? Will they make a good future together?

5. Have you ever waited too long to tell someone how you felt? What happened? Did it change the way you interact with people?

6. Do you know any adult or child who suffered a dysfunctional family environment like Kenny? What hope is there for Kenny and children like him?

7. Was it fair for Lily to get Matt’s gift? If you were Lily, would you have accepted your friend’s donation?

8. Why do you think Ole persisted in his pursuit of Lily? Would they have made a good couple?

9. What do you think of Cam and Lily’s parenting style? What about the lessons they were learning to put into practice about being parents of a boy like Kenny?

10. Minerva Thorsten enjoys drama. Would she have been as effective a friend or attorney if she wasn’t as quirky?

11. Why do you think Lily had such a difficult time accepting life? That anything could go right for her?

12. Were you surprised to learn who really pulled the strings of the Limm family?

Inspirational Romantic Suspense
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Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139:16 (ESV)

When you are loved, you have everything to lose… 

Lily Masters was born with a deformity that shaped her life. When she, white and rural-raised, and Cam Taylor, a biracial army medic and literary professor who left his work under a cloud of suspicion, meet, fall in love, and get engaged, Lily decides it’s time to take control of her body in order to feel whole. She schedules plastic reconstructive surgery in Texas and leaves Cam and her nephew Kenny, also of mixed heritage, who they’re planning to adopt, back home in Wisconsin to wait.