Reader’s Guide Questions for
The Last Bequest
by Lisa Lickel

1. Judy had a fascination with family. Why do you think so? Think about your own family and how you relate to them, both in the past and today. How did/do they influence you?

2. Why did Judy so firmly believe that Louise’s death was not accidental?

3. The Gold Standard is a story about losing and finding. What were some of the things that were lost and found?

4. Bryce and Ardyth had a complicated history. How did their upbringing play into their decisions and misunderstandings? Did you understand and agree with Ardyth’s choice as a teenager? What about Bryce’s decisions?

5. What was the real reason behind Louise’s death?

6. Who were the suspects and what were their motives?

7. Who could Judy trust? Should she have trusted Hart? Who would you have trusted?

8. Why did Judy wait so long to go back and explore the bomb shelter after the tornado?

9. What was the significance of the family diaries? Do you think Louise read her mother’s diaries, and if so, why did she keep the secret?

10. What role did Carranza play?

11. What was the treasure?

12. Were you surprised by anything in the story?

13. How important was the setting?

14. What standards did each of the characters choose to live by?