Readers Discussion Guide for Centrifugal Force

For Thought
Centrifugal Force
Lisa J Lickel

Rachel struggles with self-identity, as much as with her youthful indiscretion. What do you think of the way she handled her lifestyle choices?

Gervas, on the other hand, seems overconfident and even cold. What was he trying to hide?

Maeve grew up knowing she was different from other kids who had both mother and father. How did Maeve learn the truth about her “cyberstalker”? How did she react? Have you ever experienced stalking or unwanted attention in any form, and if so, what did you do?

Why does Gervas choose to remain in the States even after he gave up his search for the antique his brother was desperate to obtain?

How does Scott, the man in the Information Technology department who was interested in dating Rachel, get involved in her problem with Gervas and Maeve? What role did he ultimately play in her life? What do you think truly drove him?

What secret does Maeve want to keep from her mother? Do you agree with her? Why did Gervas play along?

Everyone in Centrifugal Force has a secret, and is or becomes adept at keeping the truth hidden. What were Rachel’s and Gervas’s secrets? Rachel’s friend Peggy was a huge part of her support when she was a struggling single mom and later in life. What secret did Peggy keep and how do you think it changed Rachel’s life?

Gervas’s brother is in a position of power in Germany, and ultimately the European Union of 2011. What secrets did he have and how did he use them to wield his power over others?

This story was written before Great Britain voted to exit the European Union in June of 2016. What affect did that decision have on world events?

Forgiveness in order to move forward is a central theme in the book. In what ways did each of the principal characters need to forgive and accept forgiveness? How did doing so, or not doing so, affect their lives?

What control, truly, did each of the central characters in Centrifugal Force have over their own lives? How did the illusion of centrifugal force draw them together while thrusting them apart? Is control in life always a good thing?