The Last Bequest

The Last Bequest
The Buried Treasure Series
A Novel by Lisa J. Lickel
Genre: Cozy Mystery

New cover by Brenda K. Hendrickson
ISBN: 978-0990428169
Price: $14.95

The Gold Standard, Barbour Publishing's Heartsong Presents: Mysteries! has been re-edited and re-released by Fox Ridge Publication in 2016.

Judy Winters is pretty sure her environmentally-conscious great aunt didn't die of natural causes, no matter what the tox screens say. When she discovers she can inherent the family farm if she'll live there for a year, can she give up her teaching job and move to the country? Next door to the obnoxious young, unfortunately handsome, farmer with ties to her aunt? And what about a possible killer on the loose. Join Judy, Hart, Ardyth and know-it-all cat Carranza, for an all-Wisconsin adventure.

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Here's a picture of the gold pan I bought in Fairbanks, long before I began writing novels.