The Newspaper Code

The Newspaper Code - Buried Treasure Mysteries ebook by Lisa J Lickel

Book 3, Buried Treasure Mysteries

Deadheading the petunias is not just a friendly gardening term in Robertsville.

Judy Wingate, a new mom, and her NOT-BFF, nosy reporter Olivia Hargrove, team up in a testy relationship to solve the murder of elderly civil servant Esme Espe who may have uncovered millions of dollars of missing city treasury money. Old friends and new ones join the race to find the money before the murderer.

Book information
Cozy inspirational mystery

Ebook $2.99
Print $12.95

ISBN-13:                   9780985621513
Publisher:                   Fox Ridge Publications
Publication date:        06/15/2013
Pages:                         254

Search: cozy mysteries, Christian, Wisconsin, gardening, quilting, puzzles

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