The Newspaper Code

The Newspaper Code - Buried Treasure Mysteries ebook by Lisa J Lickel

The Newspaper Code
Book 3, Buried Treasure Mysteries
Lisa J Lickel
Fox Ridge Publications updated version, 2020

Inspirational cozy mystery
298 pp
Available in Print from Amazon, $12.95
And in Electronic format, $2.99

About the Book:
Just how high a price does a missing trove of treasury gold command?

Deadheading the petunias is not just a friendly gardening term in Robertsville.

Judy Wingate's NOT-BFF, Olivia Hargrove of the Robertsville Reporter, discovers a Civil War-era secret newspaper code that may lead to the recovery of a badly needed seven million dollar-windfall

Not long after Judy and Hart's baby is born, Judy and Ardyth stumble onto another murder. This time it's 99-year-old Esme Espe, the maven of the Petunia Society, Robertsville's Garden Club. Esme's gruesome murder by garden claw soon catches the attention of the Robertsville Reporter's chief editor and nosy correspondent, Olivia Hargrove.

Clueless Olivia decides to befriend Judy and burrows into her life. Judy still holds a grudge but in order to learn more about Olivia's secret project with the dead Esme, Judy reluctantly agrees to spend time with Olivia who is in desperate need of advice...and a makeover. Circled letters of a Civil War-era newspaper vex Olivia, and when she learns Esme found an historic discrepancy in the town treasury, she and Judy must solve the riddle in the newspaper and race for the treasure before the murderer gets to it first.

Judy's best suspect is the new guy in town. But how can she tell Olivia her boyfriend might be a murderer?