Reader's Guide for Healing Grace

For Thought

What kind of a person was Grace? How well did you get to know her? How did she feel about and use her gifts?

How did the personalities of Grace, Ted, and Randy support their actions?

How did Greg Evans and Matty van Ooyen fit into Grace’s life?

To what did Shelby credit her successful pregnancy? Do you think Grace agreed?

Have you ever faced a traumatic situation like Grace’s, where you just wanted to run away? Why do you think she took all the blame for her husband’s death?

In what ways did the people of East Bay need Grace? Did she meet their needs? How or how not?

How did Grace need the people of East Bay? In what ways did they support her or not support her? Is your community similar or different to East Bay?

How did you feel when Grace finally let the past catch up with her? Was her reaction a surprise? Did she need to go through that experience in order to reach out to Ted?

What were the main issues in the story? How do they compare to other books you or your group has read?

How was the Petoskey stone significant to the story?

Did the setting work to frame the scope of the story?

How easy or difficult was it to follow the course of the story?

How did the title serve the book’s theme?