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Tips for Writers

Feel free to copy and use the following papers I have developed. Let me know how they helped you, or if you have other suggestions.

1. Fictional Character Development Sheet - view and download here.
2. Fictional Setting Development Tools Sheet - view and download here. 

Help! I'm Stuck
Handouts for the April 8, 2011 QuadCities Christian Writers Conference
Brainstorming tips for creating conflict, ramping tension, and defining the goal.
Includes Appendices for Brainstorming techniques and Plots in Literature

How to Write a Great Book Review

BETA Readers - what are they and how to use them

Influencers - how to help out other authors without being a writer

Helpful Organizations with resources:
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators:
Association of Independent Authors:
Preditors and Editors:
Publishing Central:
Writers Net:

Standard Manuscript Formatting:

Guide to Grammar and Punctuation:

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips:

The Nuts and Bolts of Submission

Find out about submissions, queries, synopses and the little details that make up a standard proposal. The following lessons are from on online workshop:
Nuts and Bolts of Submission: Overview
Writing is like a journey - how to start: Lesson One
Do I have what it takes - sample query letters included: Lesson Two
The parts of a submission package: Lesson Three
Going home: What do you do while you're waiting? Lesson Four
For in-person visits, "SHARING A STORY FROM YOUR LIFE" workshop pieces in progress now available
Geared especially for grandparents or anyone who wants to share a story with a child, we'll learn about what makes a good story and how to pull those stories out and turn them into the best-loved "tell me again, Grandpa" stories your readers will ask for.

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From a few of my writing cyber-pals:

A freelance Editor shares her Simple Tools for editing
by Michelle Levigne

This is one of the best checklists I've seen for writers!

Ever wanted to try writing devotionals? Here are tips from Julie Scudder Dearyan, senior editor of Victory in Grace

Your Hero's Spiritual Journey

Tips from Lynn Squire on spiritual characterization from her blog, Faith, Fiction Fun, and Fanciful
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