Discussion guide for Meander Scar

ISBN-13: 978-1934912232
Black Lyon Publishing (February 15, 2010)
226 pages
Available pBook and eBook

Reader's Guide Discussion Questions

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1. Describe the desires and goals of Ann, Mark, Ritchie, Rachel and Maeve. Did they get what they wanted?
2. In nature a meander scar is the visible remnants of a stream that circled over time and rejoined the main course. The resulting pool is called an oxbow lake. The lake will eventually dry up because it is cut off from its source of water. How does the title fit each character’s journey? What caused their lives to veer off the natural course? From what were they cut off?
3. What could Ann have done differently to keep her life on track? What were her choices and what circumstances affected her decisions?
4.  Did Ann do the right thing when she learned the truth surrounding her husband’s disappearance? What else could she have done?
5.  Who had the most to lose or gain by Ann’s actions?
6.  If you were in Ann’s place, what might you have done once you learned the truth? Is telling the truth always the best course of action?
7. How could Ann come to terms with the actions of Gene’s mother? How could Mark?
8.  Were Ritchie’s reactions both to his father’s disappearance and to Mark’s appearance natural? Why or why not?
9.  Meander Scar is really a story about what makes a family. What was Mark’s real motive in coming home? Did he find what he was looking for? Did Ann?
10.  How did Mark earn Ann’s family’s trust? Who needed and was affected most by this trust?
11. What things in Mark’s life were most important? How were all of his actions measured by those things?
12. Mark felt that he failed everyone around him. Do you agree or disagree and why? What could he have done differently?