Fictional Character Development Tools

Use this sheet to get to know your characters. © Lisa J Lickel Permission granted to recopy and use as needed.

Working Book Title/Today's Date:

Name of Character (including nickname):

Significance of Name (family, heritage, culture, purpose – include significance and circumstances of nickname):

Overall Theme of the story in one word:

Main conflict of character – internal:

Main conflict of character – external:

Sub-conflicts, as necessary:

Hook sentence (in progress):

Physical description (include height, weight, body type):

Outward/visible characteristics (such as tattoos, piercings, scars, limp, lisp, etc.):

Manner of dress:

Hair color, skin color, eye color and glasses, significant facial features:

Emotional type (calm, hysterical, theatrical, sensible, chatterbox, suave, mature, etc.) This will help define the character's mood, actions/reactions, tone of voice, speaking voice, internal voice:

Birth date, and age during the story:

Significant events in character's past, and age at the time that impact the character's actions in the current story (death in the family, marriage/divorce, attack, births, influential family, friends, moves, accidents, education, contests, work history, sibling relationships, adult relationships, pets):

Character's family history as needed:

Defining relationships in this story (marriage, friendships, siblings, co-workers, social standing):